Anatomie voor kunstenaars

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In Anatomy for artists, the well-known artist and academic Sarah Simblet unveils the construction of the human body and praises the continuous presence of the human body in modern Western art. Sarah shows us, using beautiful, specially made photographs of men and women, historical and modern works of art, and her own drawings, how we view the human body and how we view the muscle groups and the powerful skeleton, the balance, attitude and grace. Some of the drawings fit exactly over photos, thus revealing the fascinating relationship between the appearance and the internal structure. In six drawing lessons the reader learns to look at the body with new eyes, techniques and ways are shown to observe and draw skeleton, head, ribs, pelvis, hands and feet. On the basis of ten masterpieces, the writer shows us the knowledge and ideas of different artists, from Christ in Holbein's tomb, to Hotel Room by Edward Hopper. With each masterclass, a picture of a model is in the same position as on the painting, so that comparisons can be made. Knowledge of anatomy is often the key to knowledge and interpretation of the body. This special, modern reference work will contribute to the technique of artists at all levels.

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