Brieven aan kunstenaars

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For years, Philippe Van Cauteren - Director of S.M.A.K. Gent - writes letters to artists from all over the world. He focuses on a very personal way to artists who inspire him and tells them why. His letters are literary and poetic, but at the same time, direct and written in a very accessible style. They give a special glimp into the way a curator looks at art, and form a clear and concise introduction to the work of the artists he writes.
This publication brings more than a hundred letters. Each letter is facing a key work of the artist to whom it is addressed. In a preliminary manifesto, draw a last letter to Jan Hoet, drwas also the great lines from the ' ideal museum of the future '. Letters to artists reflects on the contemporary cultural field and the place that the museum and the artist in it. Van Cauteren calls on to an open dialogue and constructive cooperation.

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