Frida Kahlo - Making her self up

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Victoria and Albert Museum
Expo: 16/6/2018 -14/10/2018. Reprint, V & A Museum, London
Edited by Claire Wilcox
HB, 270 x 216 mm, 256 p

Frida Kahlo (1907-1958) is an artist with a unique international appeal. Her instantly recognizable work draws extensively on her life and her extraordinarily personal reflections upon it.
On Kahlo's death, her husband Diego Rivera ordered that her most private possessions be locked away until fifteen years after his death. The bathroom in which her belongings were stored in fact remained unopened until 2004. Through this incredible archive, Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up, will give the reader a unique window into Kahlo's life. It will focus on the personal, combining her prosthetics and clothes with self-portraits, diary entries and letters to build an intimate portrait of the artist through her possessions, setting this in the context of her political and social beliefs.
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